Athenea – Playa Gandía




Quality Specifications

  Foundations and Structure

Pile foundations.

Structure will be carried out with reticular reinforced, flat concrete slabs, wire mesh and will be 30cm thick. This allows an acoustic insulation superior to the traditional system. In the calculation of the building, settlement, seismic movements and wind have been taken into account.


  Facades and Roofs

Exterior facades will be carried out with cavity walls of ceramic bricks, air space with thermal insulation and reinforced interior walls with hollow bricks. House partitions will have double walls.

Exterior finishes, on all large areas, will be carried out with high quality, white anodized aluminium profiles, with Climalit double glazing and thermal-acoustic insulation treatment.

Terrace railings will be SPADIP glass with colour butyral, and white anodized aluminium handrails.

Exterior envelope finishes will be, on the main façade as well as lateral transverse arches, vitreous wall tiles. The remaining lateral and rear facade will be carried out with waterproof mortar monolayer in a light colour.

White aluminium, automated blinds will be installed in the entire house.

The general roof of the building will be carried out with red clay bricks, polyurethane insulation, expanded clay and asphalt- polymer fabric, perfectly sealed to guarantee quality and durability.


  Interior Distributions

Houses will have a functional and comfortable distribution.

Interior distribution of the house will be carried out with hollow bricks, 7cm thick.

Housing partitions will be carried out with cavity walls of hollow ceramic brick plus insulation, in order to achieve satisfactory acoustic insulation.


  Tiling and Finishings

Kitchen, bathrooms and toilets will be large format ceramic tiles, latest models, quality and design, leading national brands. False plaster ceilings in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, as well as, wherever required by installations.

Remaining walls will be plastered with a smooth finish.



Terrace: strong, high quality non-slip vitreous floor tiles.

Bathrooms and kitchens: resistant, high quality, non-slip vitreous floor tiles.

Houses: floors and skirting boards will all be polished marble, polished in situ.

Entrance halls will be granite; stairs and landings will be marble, according to D.F. criteria.


Main Bathroom

Completely tiled with high quality, latest model, ceramic wall tiles.

Paving: resistant, compact, vitreous floor tiles.

White fixtures.

Vanity cabinet with fitted basin, marble surface and mirror.

Low tank flush toilet.

Bidet with lid.

Ceramic mono-block taps.


Secondary Bathrooms

Completely tiled with high quality, latest mode,l ceramic wall tiles.

Paving: resistant, compact, vitreous floor tiles.

White fixtures.

Pedestal basin.

Low tank flush toilet.

Ceramic mono-block tap.



Top quality, large size, ceramic wall tiles with design.

Paving: compact, non-slip, vitreous floor tiles.

Granite worktops.

Superior and inferior kitchen cabinets.

Ceramic, mono-block tap.

Fitted electric oven.

Electric vitro-ceramic hob.

Smoke extractor fan with turbine.

Pre-installation for washing machine.

Pre-installation for dishwasher.

Electric water heater.


  Interior Woodwork

Front door with reinforced security lock.

All interior doors will be oak plywood, door frame linings will be solid oak.

Fitted wardrobes finished with an interior shelf, hanging rail and drawers.

Quality metal door handles and hinges.



Plastic paint with smooth finish in the interior of houses.

The main facade as well as, lateral transverse arches will be vitreous wall tiles. The remaining lateral and rear facade will be carried out with waterproof mortar monolayer in a light colour.



Electrical installations will comply with the new, electro-technical low voltage regulation of high level household electrification, according to the laid out in R.D. 842/2002.

Pre-installation for air conditioning.

TV sockets in living room and bedrooms.

Two phone sockets.

Plumbing installations will comply with the NTE normative in vigour, with copper insulated hot water pipes. Independent main water valve in kitchen, bathrooms and general.

TV, FM, and parabolic antenna, FL for over forty channels. Telephone and digital door phone.

Fire security installation in staircase.


  Services of which the complex consists

2 swimming pools with filters and regulatory auxiliary services.

2 tennis courts.

2 fully equipped gyms.

2 social points.

Garden and playground areas.

Decorated halls, glass doors with security glass, centralization of meters.

Lift with capacity for six people, luxury lift booth, and automatic doors with steel finish, selective buttons and emergency phone.

Digital door phone and automatic entry phone.

Garages, optional.


  Analysis and Trials

In order to comply with the legal normative and quality control which we have set, during construction tests will be carried out on the different materials to be used by officially approved laboratories.

In the same way, all technical standards and regulations of the installations will be met, as should housings such as ATHENEA-Playa, and quality verified the highest social level.


  Summarize and compare qualities

The most significant qualities which differentiate Residential ATHENEA-Playa, among other things, are emphasized as follows:

Our Technical and professional team, possibly the most experienced in the building trade in the entire Safor district because of their dedication and the quality of their work. Thirty years experience in the building trade, at the highest level and our service, backs us.

The interior distribution of houses is functional, practical and no m2 is wasted, with true measurements in plans of all the elements in the house.

Bathrooms and kitchens, fully tiled with quality modern ceramic wall tiles and floors laid with resistant vitreous floor tiles.

House paving in marble.

Wardrobes, lined, and fitted with a shelf, hanging rail and drawers.

Pre-installation for air conditioning.

Automated white aluminium blinds in the entire house.

Electrical appliances: vitro ceramic hob, oven, water heater and smoke extractor fan.

Marble stairs, halls with granite flooring, and fine materials.

Direct sales, without intermediaries.

A safe and profitable investment for your money.

Apartments offer the best value for money.


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New Pricing


TypeBedroomsActual price
G82,52from 114.000 € to 118.000 €
F87,52from 122.000 € to 127.000 €
A993from 135.000 € to 140.000 €
C96,33136.000 €

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